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Your cassette tape is warranted to be free from defect in workmanship o material for a period of 90 days after the date of purchase it during this period the cassette tapes) is found to be selective, you may return to your point of purchase along with the original receipt


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150 Subliminal Persuasion/Self Hypnosis Tapes From Potentials Unlim

Abortion: The After Effects



Arthritis Pain Relief

Astral Projection


Baseball Hitting


Be a Better Bowler

Better Birth Control

Birth Declaration Bodybuilding


Conception Control Drinking

Creative Thinking Creative Writing

Death & Dying Develop Enthusiasm

Develop Psychic Abilities


Effective Speaking

Facial Tic Fastor Reading

Fear of Closed-in Places Fear of Crowds

Fear of Death Fear of Driving

Fear of Failure Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights Fear of Success

Fear of Water Freedom From Acne

Freedom From Allergies Freedom From Drugs

Eliminate Addiction

Freedom From Guilt

Freedom Fron Sexual Guit

Freedom From Worry Gemini

Get More Joy Out of Sec-Female Get More Joy Out of

So-Malo Getting the Raise You Deserve

Goal Setting

Good Study Habits Handling Disappointment

Having a Baby

Healthy Teeth & Gums Hearing Restored

Heartbeat/Metronome How to Attract Love

How to be Great Golfer

How to be Popular How to Handle Criticism Maka a Decision

How to active Children

for Hypnotists I am Jealous

Free You From Jealousy

Love My Body-Female I Love My Body-Male


Impotent No More

Improving Vision

Insomnia T O be Happy

Jet Lag Joy of


Loss of a Loved One

Lower Blood Pressure Memory Improvement

Migraine Relief Miscarriage: The

Aftereffects Money Prosperity

My Love is Wandering My Parents Myself

Psychic Protection

Racquetball Recapture Youthful Vigor Rekindle the Romance (formerly Spice)



Relaxation Relief of Back Pain Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Removal of Warts


Scorpio Self-Confidence

Sell-Disc pine is Success


Self-Hypnosis Sexual Abuse

(PERSONAL) Skiing with the Wind

Sa You’re Out of a Job? Stomach Problems

Stop Bed Wetting Stop Being Angry

Stop Loss of Hair

Stop Nail Stop Smoothing

Stop Stuttering Subconscious Sales

Power Successful Retirement

Twents/Abilities from Past Life

Taking Exams Tapering 01 Smoking

Taurus The Third Person

Natural Bust Enlargement

Thumb Sucking

Time Traveller

Ocean Thunderstorm

Operation-Before and Ater

Pain Relief

Painless Dentistry

Past to Regression Past Life Regression With

Mate or Lover Past Lto Therapy

(Cause & Effect) Peace of Mind

Pisces Premenstrual Syndrome

Problem Solving Psychic Healing

Touch Me Up From Depression

Vietnam Veteran Virgo

Visualization-Aura Reading

Walk-Don’t Jog Weight-Gain

Weight-Loss Where is My Child

(Natural Parent) Where is My Parent

(Adopted Child) Will Power

World Peace You and Your Child