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I have gotten an email from an internet friend requesting persuasion and business subliminals at thetribeofthechosen@protonmail.com
that someone sent me lots of awesome affirmations and wanted me to make a subliminal for him/her.
I didn’t receive that someones track wish so I just added what I thought fits great.
🔥Full Audio of ‘Persuasion Ability’ Affirmations (each Affirmation runs once)
🔥Full Audio of Real Voice Silent Money Affirmations (each Affirmation runs twice)

👑Positive Financial Change
👑Positive Business Interaction
👑Positive Teamwork
👑People love to work with you
👑People love to listen to you
👑More Understanding, Same Wavelength
👑Same visions as those who you work with
👑Positive Engagement
👑Desired People want to work with you
👑Positive Communication
👑and much more!

Listen as much as you feel comfortable with.

I am almost at 1000 Subscribers.

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