Every human being has a unique and specific way they prefer to receive love and information. It is a fascinating fact that most people share love and information with others the way they prefer to receive it. This can be very useful when we relate to others who are like us because we just “click”.

But what about all of the other people we don’t naturally “click” with? It turns out there is nothing wrong with those people or even yourself. What can happen is that even though you are speaking the same language, you might not feel like you’re on the same page, and that is where relationships can sail smoothly or go sideways.

In this live seminar, Master Coach & NLP Trainer Jeremiah Rangel strategically breaks down the three main “tracks” of communication. Once you become aware of what they are and how to get on the right track with other people, you will save a lot of time, pain and misunderstanding within your relationships.