Presented by WWCode Data Science
👩‍💻 Speaker: Jayeeta Putatunda
✅ Topics: Part 1 – Feature Engineering with POS Tagging, Entity Parsing, Phrase Detection, N-Grams, implement in Python with NLTK, Spacy

Considering the vast amount of unstructured text data that is constantly generated (eg, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, forums like Quora, Reddit, various blogs, news platforms), NLP has become the crux to process, analyze and understand this large amount of text data. Almost all technology we use daily has underlying NLP use-cases like speech-to-text, machine translation, image captioning and so on. This 6-part technical series (led by Jayeeta Putatunda, Rishika Singh, Candice Yun Chen, Ruchika Singh) introducing Natural Language Processing focuses on how it can be used in solving various industry problems! Register for upcoming sessions of this series at

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