Guided Sleep Hypnosis to fall fast asleep, with Delta wave brain entrainment background music and soft hypnotic suggestions to help you sleep better and fall asleep faster. Adjust the audio at the beginning to your comfortable level. Head phones are recommended to produce the brain entrainment audio effect.

Brainwave entrainment is whole brain synchronization created through offset frequencies in the left and right ear, which causes the left and right brain hemispheres to get into alignment. The offset produces a gentle low pulsing sound in the headphones, which can be heard slightly under the music. This particular track is very comfortable to listen to, it is created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. He produces quality specialized meditation and hypnosis audio tracks.

This audio encourages the brain to go into “delta” frequency. Delta frequency is the frequency that the brain produces during sleep.

Hypnosis or trance is a natural phenomena and sleep hypnosis is a wonderful way to fall asleep if you have insomnia or sleep issues.
You will not get stuck in hypnosis. It’s best to put aside enough time to listen and be in a quiet place, but if you need to attend to something unexpected, simply open your eyes and you will come back from trance.

This audio is recommended for regular use. For the 8 hour long version of this recording – go here:


Guided Sleep Hypnosis for Insomnia:

Sleep Meditation for Insomnia:

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Background music “Hypnotica – Delta” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke from

Written and Produced by ©2019 Lina Grace. All rights reserved.

*This production is intended for your relaxation and/or sleep.
*DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. Only listen when you can relax safely and completely.
*This recording can support you but should not replace any traditional medical care. If you suffer from any serious health concerns, please consult your doctor. If you are under the care of a doctor please continue to do so.
*While relaxation recordings/hypnosis recordings are widely beneficial, people with EPILEPSY are cautioned to consult their doctor before listening, because there is a small chance that rapid deep relaxation may possibly cause problems in certain people with an EPILEPSY condition. While I would like everyone to be able to use hypnosis and meditations, I cannot give medical advice.