hey guys! i wanted to try a new way of making subliminals, so decided to use already existing affirmations to try it out.

This sub basically boosts and accelerates your learning ability and improvement rate for your desired skills.

this sub is sped up and layered, and each layer repeats at least a few thousand times.

if you’d like this to be forced, listen to this along with a forced booster and you’re golden 🙂

This subliminal works for ANY skill you want. Just think of something you want to learn/improve, and think of it as a skill.

/become extremely suggestible to all affirmations in this subliminal (mental, physical, emotional)
/mini booster
/subconscious, body, cells, brain, everything agree to change very rapidly in a time duration less, shorter, faster than mystery duration
/immunity to clashes
/always get desired results
/feel tingling sensations
/high vibration, manifest whatever you want
/be able to choose whatever skills you want to learn and/or improve

/choose desired skills to improve
/cells, bones, tendons, arteries, muscles, tissues, brain (+hippocampus, basal ganglia system, prefrontal cortex, temporal lobe), tongue, body, organs, everything in peak condition, ready to learn & improve
/brain anatomy said above gets boosted
/perfect physical, mental, emotional, social health
/learning, improving multiple skills gives faster results than learning, improving one skill
/learn skills in mystery duration 🙂
/learn & improve unlimited number of skills
/practice booster
/everytime you blink, walk, talk, breathe, workout, visualize, laugh, you improve
/learn and improve skills in best way possible (technique for physical subs)
/love and be happy and be grateful that you learn and improve skills super fast
/surpass professionals
/manifest opportunities, people, material possessions that help you learn and improve
/listening to this & a talent subliminal in the same playlist boosts your results
/permanent results
/affirmations repeat in your head throughout the day

+ /always perform the skill perfectly

please be patient. subliminals work differently for everyone.

please share your results in the comments! 🙂

mine are…
/only has positive affirmations
/layered and sped up
/is downloadable
/can be listened to w/ speakers, and w/ only one earbud
/completely safe