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When you watch “Using Hypnosis to Positively Enhance Your Life Perspective,” you’ll find you will literally be hypnotized by Steve as he takes you through the process of waking hypnosis.
Steve refers to it as XYPNIOSIS. This term he has coined is Greek for Awake, because you will be awake during this process. Your eyes will be closed, but you will be awake.

Afterward, you will have a better mindset regarding the current world’s situation and look at it with a fresh, more positive perspective. If that sounds good, this talk is for you.

In “Using Hypnosis to Positively Enhance Your Life Perspective,” Steve shares his transformational journey from an Army Soldier to a Clinical Hypnotherapist, painting it with a Comedic brush and using Mentalism, Celebrity Impressions, and Ventriloquism to present this subject matter.

Steve Kader – – is an International Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Suicide Prevention Advocate, and Comedian and shares this and all of his transformational merchandise on

Since his honorable discharge from the United States Army Military Police Corps, Steve has acquired several certifications and licenses in the Clinical Hypnotherapy/Mind-care field and authored more than a dozen books on self-development.

Known as the Info-tainer of Las Vegas, his on-stage energy is contagious. His ability to speak three languages extends his performances Internationally. Since his honorable discharge from the US Army military police Corp, Steve Kader has been working in the Mind-care field, authoring more than a dozen books on self development. He works with clients on a wide variety of issues, including smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress management. Having also fallen in love with the Entertainment business, he is currently working as a Comedian on the Vegas Strip. Steve paints his talks with a Comedic brush and even incorporates Magic, Music and Mentalism. His on-stage energy is contagious. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at