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[pov: you fell in love in october]

girl in red – we fell in love in october

•. ✶
.· *✩.
✵ ˚ : ·
α ℓєттєя
нαѕ ƒαℓℓєη
ƒяσм тнє
ѕтαяѕ ·͟͟͟͟͟͟͞͞͞͞͞͞➳ [✉]
* ˚
˚ ·. ·
| · • ❝〔O P E N 〕❞ • ·

“We’d be a love out of time and space, ethereal, destined, and her dreams would take shape around my song. I’d teach the hills to say her name, and the winds and the trees and water, too, so that the elements would love her, so that everywhere she went, no matter where, she’d hear the world crying out for, calling over and over:
“Liv Stone, Liv Stone, Liv Stone!”
― Julia Drake, The Last True Poets of the Sea
| · •

₍🕊₎ ..⃗. VIOLET GARDEN 紫羅蘭花園
Hello dreamers, today’s special product is made specifically for the sapphic (wlw/ nblw| woman-loving-woman/ non-binary loving women) community! [because yes, I am part of the community] This is the second subliminal inspired by YumiHisu (Ymir x Historia) because they’re just my absolute favourite ship from SNK TT. This magical violet garden will give you benefits like having a wonderful relationship (optional), and generally a safe and supportive environment/ atmosphere (accepting parents, friends, etc)

Sapphic | LGBTA Wiki:

She lit up every room she entered, like a star made of pure energy & bliss.
The smile across her face is like a crescent moon, just seeing this elevates my soul.
The sweetness in her voice is hypnotizing, it sounds like the music of spring.
The words she spoke scattered like stardust, forming a constellation that orchestrated a symphony in my ears.
I swear her soul is made of magic, I’ve never seen another person that radiates such surreal energy.
Perhaps she’s from another planet, from the brightest star, from a realm of dreams…


⟳ 1-2 times (any suitable no. loops)
♫ 40%-60% or (comfortable volume)
💧 stay hydrated
🎧 optional but recommended

✩5 Drops of ❛❛Moonwater❛❛
-Manifest results in a zeptosecond
-Exemplify subliminal results by 999 times
-Permanent results
✩A tablespoon of ❛❛Subconscious Recharger❛❛
-Prepare your subconscious mind for affirmations
-Absorb affirmations quicker
✩A pinch of ❛❛Salt Protection❛❛
-Only get the results you want
-Block unwanted affirmations
-Flush unwanted results

༄100% safe and positive affirmations
༄Can be listened to while you’re doing other things
༄Quick and permanent results
༄Affirmation pronouns include “I” and “You”

In order to make these enchanted objects(subliminals) work, you need to add a bit of your magic to them. Remember, the strongest magic is within yourself, the spell on objects(subliminals) are tools that help you.
Ways to speed up the result:
⋆。Stay consistent until results show
⋆。Put in strong beliefs & let go
⋆。Act as if you already have it
⋆。Visualize daily (before you sleep + early in the morning)